“I am now in my village Al Sweida in Syria. IIVVSS has influenced by theatrical and artistic path. I have since decided to pursue the theater group I have been working on with my wife Hanine Al Beaini since 2016.
In 2020-2021 and after graduating from IIVVSS, I received a grant from Itijahat which resulted in the clown show “Fishifal… Fishizhal” (something gone, something remained) with the supervision of Sabine Choucair and help from Layal Ghanem.
We received a grant from Clowns Without Borders – Sweden to perform recurring clown shows in the streets of Al Sweida to bring back theater and clowning to the city and hopefully in Syria
We are also working on several projects and proposals related to theater, clowning, and social therapy.


I participate in the Clown Me In comic relief tour
I gave social therapy and performing arts sessions with several groups of different ages.
I got selected to continue my masters in “dramaturgie et écriture scénique dans les espaces publiques” in FAI-AR school in France.
What I can really tell, IIVVSS was the best experience I have ever had, and the new skills I learned were one of the reasons I got selected to my new journey.
My target is to be a project director.


Since I left IIVVSS and I embarked on a project in Turkey, I suddenly found myself treating brand new situations as a brand new evolved version of me.
I spent eight months coaching for a TV series then moved on to a new project in which I have been acting for six months. 
In fact, timing was a factor that worked in my favor this past year:
I needed to gain the social and emotional development I gained from IIVVSS to be able to work abroad with large groups and in stressful situations, and I needed to get out of the country that hypnotized me into passiveness.
I simply am actively accepting and treating daily adventures with play and I have you guys to thank for that ♥️.


After a year full of crazy surprises, I went to Paris to study in the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq. IIVVSS was there for me along all the way, supporting me with the decision I took in such difficult and challenging times.
It taught me that we must go on no matter what and that we cannot carry on without the others.
I never thought I’d get accepted in my dream school, never thought I’d go through the first selection, and never dreamt I’d go through the second selection.
But here I am getting ready for my second year of Lecoq.


I started practicing online teaching with my students during the year where we were on lockdown. The experience was successful after adjusting and implementing the exercises to remote learning taking into consideration their age groups and circumstances.
I also performed as a clown to children and my students on the online platforms we’ve been using. Due to its success I am working on developing this and incorporating it into my work and other projects.


Since I left the institute I had the opportunity to follow my other passion which is realistic acting!
I shot movies and TV shows and took classes of Lee Strasbeg and Stella Adler’s technique. My classmates and instructors were impressed by my knowledge of physical theatre and encouraged me to put my serious studies in IIVVSS into use in my realistic acting techniques and find new layers in the characters I used to work on!