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Giovanni Fusetti

Multi-disciplinary Fool

Teacher of the Clowning and Bouffon courses

Giovanni Fusetti is an Italian multi-disciplinary fool. Natural scientist, theatre artist, pedagogue, gestalt therapist, and permaculture designer, he works internationally as a teacher, director, and process facilitator, exploring theatre as a tool for artistic training, education, healing, personal awareness, and political awakening.

Trained in agriculture and ecology at the University of Padova, he became passionate about the social and educational uses of theatre. Street theatre, puppets, storytelling, clowning, and political theatre led him to Ecole International de Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, where he was a student, pedagogic assistant, and teacher of improvisation. He has been the pedagogical director of KIKLOS school in Padova and he is the pedagogic director of Helikos International School of Theatre Creation, which he founded in Florence in 2009 and now operates in Padova, Italy.

He gives trainings and lectures internationally and has collaborated with many theatre companies, schools, and universities, including Pig Iron Theatre Company (USA), LISPA-London International School of Performing Arts(UK), Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre (USA), Accademia Teatrale Veneta (Italy), The University of London(UK), Naropa University (USA), and Stockholm Uniarts (Sweden). 

His 25 years of research include studies and training in Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, Gestalt Therapy, Reichien Analysis, and Process Oriented Psychology. In his teaching, he integrates physical theatre with different practices of physical and emotional awareness, to train the actor, poet, or creator on the path to the origin of theater: ecstasy.

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