Chantal Mailhac

Music-maker and Story Shaker

Advisor and teacher of the music and storytelling course and field work preparation course

Storyteller, singer and sound-with-her-mouth-hands-and-whatever-she-can-find maker, actress, music therapist, nature lover and a homeschooling mom, Chantal has worked around the world telling stories in various languages and in many different settings such as pubs, theater, libraries, streets, gardens, pubic parks and tents.

After having worked with directors like Elie Karam, Nabil El Azan, Patrick Mohr and Paul Mattar, Chantal obtains a diploma in Corporeal mime from the International School of Etienne Decroux in London, 2007, and tours with the company she co-founded there, Platform88.

In 2010, on her way from London to Beirut, she stopped for a few nights in Paris where she discovered the art of storytelling. Since then she has led very, very serious research into real stories, traditional tales, myths and legends and music to recount them with her own words and sounds. All the while, she trained with master storytellers from Lebanon, Africa, Canada, Brazil and France to refine her everlasting, self-taught discipline.

In 2018 she trained to be a music therapist and has been giving music and storytelling workshops mostly with women’s groups.