Aren’t we over the moon happy and proud to announce the completion of the first year of the International Institute for Very Very Serious Studies – IIVVSS.
Our eight graduates are now ready to hit the streets, so be aware… 

IIVVSS – Fieldwork in Barja

Officially, the year started on the 3rd of September 2019. This date was also the official one for the opening of the Clown Me In space.
12 participants were chosen out of around 65 applicants. All was going smoothly until October 17th, 2019. From a pacific uprise of the citizens to violent demonstrations, from financial and banking crisis to confinement with the spread of the coronavirus, to the devastating Beirut port explosion, the institute continued its progress.
It was shaky, it was hectic but we never stopped trying and never stopped being very very serious about it. 

Throughout the year, the participants followed courses of social therapy and participatory arts, storytelling and movement, fieldwork preparation, giant puppets manipulation and clowning and Buffon. This journey ended up with a street performance in Barja (click here to watch Part 1 and here to watch Part 2) and a 7-minutes long scene via zoom (click here to watch)

We are currently preparing for the second IIVVSS school year.
Stay tuned.
It won’t be long… 

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